The State of Nevada’s first settlement was established in 1850, also known as the town of Genoa. I’ve ridden my bike through town on numerous century and triathlon training efforts. And although I’ve known about its beloved Candy Dance festival for a few years, it wasn’t until last weekend that I actually attended the arts and crafts festival.

Thousands of people wandered the streets of Genoa to experience an eclectic blend of tastes, smells, sights, and sounds. Over 300 vendors and thousands of people were in attendance over the course of the 2 days. And while we could’ve taken a shuttle into the festival for $5 we decided to get some exercise and walk nearly 1 mile to reach the action.

I’m inspired by beautiful art whether it’s in the form of photography, painting, dance, sculpture or sketch. Artists tell great stories about the inspiration for their work, and I love to share stories that are inspiring especially through artistic expression.

One of the booths had beautifully hand drawn matted prints by Stuart Ratcliff. While any of the prints would’ve made a great wall piece I was particularly excited about the way he marketed his brand. Stuart displayed his work on a wood scaffolding frame and while I wasn’t in the buying mindset, I did ask for his business card.

He said, “Let me know which print you like best, and I’ll give you a business card with that print”.

(The above photo was hijacked from William Hugal)

As a potential customer there were 2 things Stuart did really well in becoming memorable.

  1. He gave me the power to choose.
  2. He gave me something to talk about.

And when you can combine both you have a story worth sharing (plus free advertising).