If you are among Generation Y, like myself, then you probably grew up in the world of Nintendo and the Super Mario Brothers craze. Back in the day controllers were rectangular and certainly the technology trend of its time among kids.

Thirty years later video game controllers have 4 primary command buttons, 2 joysticks controlled by the thumbs, 1 directional arrow button and 2 trigger buttons, all to ergonomically fit and conform into the palms of your hands. That’s over twice as many buttons and a lot more multi tasking to focus on versus its predecessor. However, like anything if we focus on mastering one task at a time we can perform at higher levels and excel.

Practice makes perfect.

The key to success in today’s world is optimizing your resources. If you’re in sales, a start-up, or looking to scale your business here are three simple habits that deliver results, and how I implemented them in 2016.

  1. BE CONSISTENT. New habits take time to form and old habits take time to change. Start small if need be and commit. One of my objectives at the beginning of 2016 was to become disciplined enough to write one blog per month. In the end it’s the little things that count and I now comfortably post 1 or 2 thoughtful blogs per month.
  2. DELEGATE. You cannot scale your business if you cannot delegate. Identify operational tasks that can be taught and write a job description to carry them out. Whether you work for yourself or a corporation, figure out a way to duplicate yourself so you can remain focused on growth and the big picture. 2016 was my first full time year as an entrepreneur and one of the things I knew I had to implement for growth was allocate funding. She started this week.
  3. INCREASE ENGAGEMENT. No matter what you must always, always, always network and connect the dots. Everyone has the potential to open doors. Find out what makes them tick, follow through and don’t forget to ask for a referral. I enrolled in three new memberships/subscriptions to expand my reach in the community in 2016.

Stand apart by being great at a couple things rather than mediocre at many. Follow through, hold yourself accountable, and level up for success.