[A blog from the vault]

Last Thursday I received some unfortunate news. I was supposed to be admitted to the hospital today so my neurosurgeon could transform me into a cyborg. Yes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

If you’ve read my Hardware Upgrade or Time Management Junkie posts then you’re aware of my current medical condition. It’s been a whimsical 3 months since I began treatment for a staph infection at the end of September. If I went into surgery today I would have a brand new titanium plate installed in my head to repair my cranial defect and be home to recover for the holidays. Yes! I could finally recover and get back to a normal schedule and exercise routine. Regular exercise keeps me focused and sane, and I’ve been without it for 3 months. Good thing there are plenty of books to read 🙂

Last Thursday I received a call from the doctor’s office and the prosthetic won’t be ready until this Wednesday. This was unexpected news. The operation was supposed to be today 12/19. I am now scheduled to have the operation a week from today, 12/26. Why is this frustsrating?

I went in for a CT scan at the beginning of the month when my neurosurgeon’s office overnighted the scan to my hospital and Medtronic, the company that makes prosthetics. Somewhere between the two entities the ball was dropped on a routine order that is supposed to take 1 to 2 weeks. We gave them 3 weeks and are now told the prosthetic will be at the hospital by Thursday.

I was upset and the team at my neurosurgeon’s office was upset. This is why…

  • I’m healthy enough to have the operation now. Now that we have to wait another week there is the inherent risk of catching a cold of flu. If that happens I won’t be able to have the operation until the New Year, which would delay or cancel other plans.
  • If the surgery doesn’t happen this month then I have to meet the minimum on my deductible in the new year which is a couple mortgage payments.
  • My neurosurgeon leaves for vacation on 12/27 and we’d be forced to wait at least two more weeks until his return. He is second to none.

When one person drops the ball on a project it can have a ripple effect. In business it could cost you a client or even a job. When it comes to our health someone’s mistake can cost a livelihood. Hopefully enough diligence was done in advance for either case to salvage what was once at risk.

As a 16+ year survivor of brain cancer I’ve been blessed with amazing doctors and caretakers. I’ve lived an amazing life and choose to take the high road even if I something upsets me. Fortunately, for all of us we all have the power to choose.

In this case I chose not to react and accept the circumstance outside of my control. I chose to be grateful.

I choose to make the most of the next 7 days until my operation. There is plenty of content to write, books to read, and people to be grateful for.

What are you most grateful for?