I am constantly seeking opportunities to refine my content, approach, and impact to deliver my best 60 to 90 minutes to an audience.

When I learned Daymond John would be speaking at the my alma mater on Friday February 20, I made it a priority to attend. Daymond is a pro, and I love Shark Tank! Off the bat, he was non-verbally communicating what to expect, where to find him, and how to engage by 3 experiential elements:

  1. His name and website were prominently displayed on the projector screens.
  2. Each person in the audience received a hand-out with fill-in-the-blank key take-aways, or “Shark Points”. A great tool to enhance comprehension.
  3. On the hand-out was the hashtag #ThePeoplesShark and Twitter handle @TheSharkDaymond to encourage social participation.


The presentation was a narrative about his roots, risks, opportunities, influences, set backs and breakthroughs. He did a great job weaving his Shark Points into his story in a sequential and easy to remember format.

Daymond reminds the audience that once we find out what we’re passionate about it’s important to remember that “you are the brand first” and to define yourself in 2-5 words. Even if you work for someone or some company, you are still your own brand. As I’ve realized through my Ironman accomplishments, sports business success, surviving brain cancer, coaching athletes, speaking and publishing experience, we all have an opportunity to brand ourselves by the lives we lead in a way others can benefit.

One of my favorite quotes of Daymond’s presentation was, “Life is a series of presentations”. We are all presenting ourselves each day through our actions, community, values, products, expressions, etc. Even Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one”.